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Easy tips for maintaining your routine

So firstly, I'll mention that speaking of maintaining your routine right now during a pandemic is admittedly kind of a weird topic. There are so many routines that are out of whack right now - But what I'm going to focus on, are the ones I like to stick with for when I'm swapping between being on the go while traveling and getting back into my home-life. Which, honestly, I feel couldn't be more appropriate of a routine to share in this given moment as all our worlds have been up-ended. So here goes!

While I'm on the road, I always find it difficult to maintain my regular schedule, because I'm generally a work from home-body. So this particular instance of being able to work from home right now, is totally my jam. However, I can absolutely relate to those that are transitioning from one work-life balance to another. So, to stick with the healthful and food-minded tips, here is where I'm at:

As ridiculously obvious as this may sound: maintain your same or as similar as possible schedule as you would on any normal day. Wake up at the same time, get dressed at the same time, complete all your usual activities for the day, and go to bed at the same time! It's so easy in a WFH environment, when you haven't done it or you're getting back from it, to fall back into a, 'weekend' schedule for days and get nothing accomplished!

Keep healthy snacks ready available and graze all day. We're not meant to eat large meals all in one sitting and if you notice, they make you tired. Because you're working from home, you can take as many small breaks as you see fit, so take advantage of that. (This for me, makes me feel more efficient and accomplished in my work!)

This probably should have been rule #1, but set your boundaries. Maintain a space specific for your work and a time period specific for your work. Know when you're walking away for the day and shut the door on it, just like you would your traditional office. Like I mentioned above -- some of us have the option in most cases to leave the office for an hour for lunch, some of us have to take working lunches at our desk... take advantage of the option being at home to walk away from your desk into another room of your house or apartment, if thats also an option, sit in a different location and enjoy a different view while you're taking a break from your work.

Maintaining routine is always important ... vitamins, proper sleep and exercise are at the top of the list. I drink an apple cider vinegar elixir every morning to help boost my immunity and my energy. It's also something that I know I can take on the road with me when I travel and maintain my morning routine. I've listed the recipe here below, let me know what your best routines have been!

1ea Ginger Green Tazo Tea Bag

1oz Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

1ea Stevia in the Raw (or 1tsp of Raw Honey)

Juice of Half of Lemon

1 scoop Collagen Powder

12oz Hot Water

Steep your Ginger Green Tea for 4mins in Hot Water (or however long your preference!). Add remaining ingredients, stir and enjoy!

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