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Sprinkling in a little about Me

So, welcome. I'm trying a new thing - It's where I post a little more about me here and there and sprinkle it in along with the recipes. I hope we enjoy it. A big reason why I started this blog was because I have big dreams. A lot of the time, I allow myself to push my dreams to that back burner when I have career goals in play. Currently, however, with Covid-19 swarming in the air... my career goals are on a low simmer. So, I'm taking full advantage to allow myself the opportunity to re-ignite that fire and get things cooking on the dream side of things.

I recently enrolled myself in an online academy that I've been looking at for literally three years. I think I've talked myself in and out of the cost of enrollment over the years hundreds of times... and when they dropped the price due to the worlds circumstances, I literally had to tell myself, "This is it". Have you ever had one of those golden opportunities just blatantly staring you in the face and you're just not 100% certain if you're making the right choice or not? Yeah. Thats me 24/7. I like to be well informed, I like to do ALL my research and I like to overthink every decision I have ever made in my entire existence.

I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that there's no, "right time" for anything. You just need to take the leap. If you wait for a perfect time to do something, or somebody else's permission for it to be right - It's NEVER going to be right. And guess what? YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO DO IT!! If I sat and worried over whether it was the right or wrong time to jump into what I was doing right now, I wouldn't even be writing this post. The very first lesson in this course, was exactly this point. And I'll tell you what - it's 10000000% what I needed to get myself out of my perfectionist bubble of corporate america. Things aren't going to be perfect. Times right now are definitely not perfect - and they're not going to be for quite awhile. So, it's about time to make some changes. It's about time to make good on some dreams and get living - for ourselves, not for anyone else.

So, I'll leave you with a few focus points that I've found helpful to begin on living for YOU:

Do not place unrealistic expectations on yourself

Focus on self-care, this includes personal development as a form

Cross one thing off your, "I've been meaning to do" list weekly

Be mindful of what your skillset has to offer and how you can put it to use during this time

Check in with family and friends

Get some sunshine in - It's a mood booster

Move your body - even if it's for a walk or a simple stretch

Keep up with your nutrition and your water intake

Maintain a regular sleep schedule

Simplistic. And to the point. You are the only one that is in control of you at the end of the day. Take care of yourself. Reach for your dreams - you're the only one who can make them happen.

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